Agro  Makmur



PT. Agro Makmur Sentosa is a trading company distributing the veterinary medicine and poultry equipment in Indonesia. As a producer of animal pharmaceuticals, we are proud to have received the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


PT. Agro Makmur Sentosa is the importer, distributor, and manufacturer of animal health products. The company was established in 1989, and has a wealth of industry experience and products.


Our principal products include: CTCBio from Korea (animal health products), Kyoto Biken from Japan (vaccine), Bioplagen from Spain (animal health products), Industrial Veterinaria, SA from Spain (animal health products), Eurovet Animal Health from Netherlands (animal health products), Laprovet from France (vaccine), Neogen from USA (animal health products), Abbisun from Netherland (animal health products), Unimed from Switzerland (animal health products), Novartis from Switzerland (animal health products), IQF from Spain and Woogene from Korea (animal health products).


PT. Agro Makmur Sentosa is in Jakarta with branches is East, West, and Central Java, South Sumatra, Lampung and several agent and dealers in Sumatra, South & East Kalimantan and South Sulawesi.


Our veterinarians are always ready to help our customers in the field. Contact us today to find out more and talk to one of our experts.