( Calves, Poultry, Pig, Cat, Dog )
Composition :

Alpha-(P-nonylphenyl)-Omega-Hydroxypoly (Oxyethylene)-Iodine Complex 18.05%, (Providing 1.75% iodine tertitrasi) 16.00%, Phosporic acid 65.05%.


Indication :

This products used on a hard surface, nonporous, (glass, stainless steel, zinc-plated metal, wood surfaces). Use on walls, floors, household appliances, tools, and equipment. Prepare fresh solution daily. Do not reuse solution that has been used. Use the solution with a mop or scrub to wet the entire surface


Dosage and Usage :

Disinfection: 1 oz / 2 gallon of water let the surface wet with sanitizer for 10 minutes

Hand sanitation in the meat and poultry

1 oz / 5 gallons of water (25 ppm iodine that can be titrated) left the surface wet with sanitizer for 10 minutes for 1-2 minutes.

In the water cooling tubes for canning:

1 oz disinfectant for every 6-10 gallons

Sanitary water fowl:

3 oz / gal of water at front entrance to wash feet for 30 seconds.

For sanitation sows:

Before putting sows in pens flops, rub flank and udder with a solution of 1 oz / gallon of water


1 oz / gallon of water.


Registration Number :
Deptan RI. No. I. 002061739 PTC.1
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