( Poultry )
Composition :

Each kg Ovastim contains:

Carnitine 20.000 mg, vitamin A 20.000.000 IU, vitamin D3 4.000.000 IU, vitamin E 15.000 mg, vitamin K3 7.000 mg, vitamin B2 12.000 mg, vitamin B6 8.000 mg, vitamin B12 60 mg, panthotenate 20.000 mg, folic acid 500 mg, niacin 40.000 mg

Indication :

Help to increase production performance

Dosage and Usage :

Dissolve 1 g OVASTIM into 2-4 liters of drinking water for 5-7 days or 500 g OVASTIM per ton of feed

Registration Number :
KEMENTAN RI No. D. 13111238 FTS.1
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