( Calves, Poultry, Cat, Dog )
Composition :

Glutaraldehyde ……………………… 15 % (v/v)

Didecyldimethylammonium chloride ..10 % (v/v)

Indication :

Quick action for disinfectant/insecticide high-powered against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, naked and enveloped viruses, fungi, bacterial and fungal spores, insect, ticks, and mites. All microbial agents with the exception of prions (resistant to all disinfectant)

Dosage and Usage :

Recommended to disinfect and disinsect floors, walls, and utensils in veterinary clinics, facilities and farm for animals, slaughterhouse, waiting room, polluted area hospitals, barracks, local for meeting.

It must be diluted in water 1:100 to 1:400, according to the more and less intense effect desired. In current situation, the most appropriate dilution for an intense disinfection is 1:200.

Sanivir will be applied until the surfaces to be treated are completely covered with the emulsion. This is achieved with the use of approximately 100 to 300 ml of the emulsion per square meter, according to the permeability and irregularity of the surfaced being treated, and the volume of dirt and organic matter present on them

Emulsify in water to the rate 1:150 for fumigation

Registration Number :
KEMENTAN RI No. D. 18065526 PTC
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